Cryptocurrency Strength Meter

Crypto Strength Meter

What is the overall strength or weakness of individual major currencies today?

Cryptocurrency Strength Meter

Cryptocurrency strength meter is a visual representation of the cryptocurrencies strength.

Monitor the Strength of Cryptocurrencies in the Crypto Market

Free currency strength meter helps you identify which currencies are strong and which currencies are weak. All cryptocurrencies are monitored in real-time and the calculations are based on multiple currency pairs to determine the overall strength of each currency.

You have eighth (8) cryptocurrencies which are the most used in crypto trading. The strength is calculated between each cryptocurrency pair to determine the overall strength.

Reading Cryptocurrency Strength Meter

You have two colors that change the intensity and how the strength of the cryptocurrency changes.

When the cryptocurrency strength weakens the color will be red. That means the strength has dropped below 0.

The weakest cryptocurrency will have dark red color and the less weakest will have brighter red color.

On the opposite side, the strongest cryptocurrency will have darkest green and the less strong cryptocurrency will have brighter green color.

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Crypto Currencies Strength

The free cryptocurrency strength meter shows you eight cryptocurrencies and those are the most know cryptocurrencies on the market.

Here they are:

USDT – Tether

BNB – Binance Coin

BTC – Bitcoin

ETH – Ethereum

LUNA – token of the Terra network

XRP – Ripple

AVAX – Avalanche

ADA – Cardano

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